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Service Time and Place - Welcome Home

6:00 PM

1950 125th Street NW

Rice, MN 56367

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Loving like Jesus

It just seems like anger is on the rise. You turn on the TV and its pundits yelling at each other. You go on the internet and its people dissing and demonizing each other. It just seems like we're more divided, we're more polarized, we're more fractious and fractured than in a long, long time. How are we supposed to react to that as believers, as followers of Jesus Christ? In a fractured world, how are we to be agents of love, agents of unity, agents of harmony and peace? 

Series beginning in February

As we journey into 2021 we are going to do some team preaching, walking through the miracles of Jesus how they are for us today and how they fit into our stories.