Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and while the  Coronavirus has radically changed all of our lives, it also provides Christians everywhere with an opportunity to step up and BE the Church. It calls us to put our faith into action and show God’s love to the people who live around us.

In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, Jesus Christ is the only true hope of the world, and together we can share that hope with those in our lives.   

Download - 30 ways to show you care

Download - One Minute Witness Worksheet

My Five


Persistent, life-giving prayer for others leads

to opportunities to care, displaying God’s love,

which opens the way to share the gospel, declaring God’s love.

Think of 5 or more friends, neighbors, relatives, or people you meet regularly at school or

work, who need to know Jesus- My 5. Begin to pray for them regularly.


Here are 12 intercessory prayers for people