If you are new to our church, we designed this 4 week course with you in mind. This class begins at the beginning of every month on Sunday after service.

    You will learn about our vision, who we are as a church and what is the driving force behind what we do.

    Session 1 - DNA of Bridge Church  

    Session 2 - Our faith informs our lives  

    Session 3 - Church is not something we just do on weekends

    Session 4 - Get Connected

    This class will begin the first Sunday of the month and run consecutively for four weeks. Contact Pastor Gene for more info at gene@bridgechurchmn.org

  • Encounter Prayer Room

    Join us on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month as we go a little deeper, through prayer, worship, teaching.

    You have the freedom to come and seek God as you are comfortable, whether that is praying by yourself, reading the Bible or praying with and for others. Its at your pace as God leads you.

    Our only desire is that you come and seek and encounter God to make a difference in your life for others.

  • Coming soon